A Dog With Drive

car bri

I ruv going for rides with my Mama. I have at least two car rides every day!! I have a sweet car seat that doesn’t slide around when we turn and boosts me at perfect window height. We listen to the radio with the windows open. Mama drinks her iced coffee and laughs at the voice on the radio. Usually I get the last three bites of Mama’s breakfast in the car too….so now my seat is always filled with crumbs.

We drive through a million towns to get to work everyday.  I smell a bazillion different smells out the window.  I see cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, lots of horses, sheeps, and birdies.  My ears flap in the air and I stretch my neck out the window to take it all in. Stop lights always catch me off guard and make me almost fall every time. When the light goes green Mama always tells me to “Hold On” and I do my best to brace myself for lift off.

Cars make me happy.  I am the co-pilot paid in snacks and love.  I do a good job.


Brian, as told to Maggie