A friend’s passing…

Roz was one of our first employees.  You may remember her–she was memorable! A beautiful woman of “a certain age”, with spikey red and blond pixie hair, gorgeous green eyes and high cheekbones.  She loved fashion and you could see it in the creativity and pizazz she put into every outfit. I always told her that I wanted to look like her.  We checked each other’s makeup. She was funny and stylish.  We all loved her.

She worked part time for us until about two years ago. She fell in love with an old friend and traveled with him until this fall when she moved to his home in El Paso.  Sadly, she fell ill and passed away this past week.

We are heartbroken, but so grateful to have known her. She was something!  We will miss you, Roz…but you’ll never be forgotten.

Take care. Take nothing for granted.  Brenda