A man stopped me on the street…

just as I was opening the stores. He wanted to know if we are still collecting personal products and toiletries for women in need.   I said yes, and that we always take donations for this purpose. He went on to explain that he wanted to donate some things, but never seemed to have time to collect any items, and wasn’t sure of what we needed.  Nice man, nice manner about him. As we were chatting, he pulled out his checkbook and gave me a check  for $50.00!!! He said to buy what was needed.

I was speechless…and touched. What a kind and generous act from someone who didn’t even know me…that he trusted me to do the right thing.

It was a blessing to meet this man…to start a day like this.

At this time of year, we are all rushing madly, our brains spinning with all the busyness of the season. But this thoughtful man, with his generous gesture, brought to my mind what it’s really all about.

This is the season of hope. Give what you can to those who are truly in need. Be aware and grateful for the blessings and goodness in your life. Be kind.

All Closet Exchange stores accept donations of new and unopened personal products for our Women Helping Women program.  You don’t have to shop with us or be a consignor.  We saw a need and you can help us fill it. Thank you.

Peace. Brenda and Maggie