A Thanksgiving note to our wonderful customers.

We are so grateful to all of you who have supported us through the years.  We never imagined that we would come to this place when I bought the first little store (so scary).  We painted the door purple and waited for you to come…and you did!!  Thank you…

Over these eleven years, we have become friends and family.  You have sustained us and we have tried to provide you with a caring and knowledgable service, along with thousands of pieces of clothing!  The best part is that it’s such fun—and so much more than just a few stores.  Together, we share knowledge, experiences, stories, laughter, and tears.  You all give so much more to us than your business.  You add to our day and our lives.

Our goal this coming year, is to keep being a part of your lives…the stress free, happy place that requires nothing of you and gives you a little quiet time.  We are spending this week revamping a couple of the stores ( I love to rearrange and my sweetie is a saint–armed today with a screwdriver and a paintbrush)!  (931 GPA will be closed for a couple of days, but the other stores will remain open…we’ll just work around you!)

Thank you, thank you from our family and our amazing staff!  Brenda