An update on our Maggie…

We thought she was on the mend, but then she had a setback.  So…two steps forward and two steps back.  It’s so hard when it’s your kid who’s not doing so well.  They’ll never stop being your kid-no matter how old.

Mag’s all grown up and independent in her own house in Woonsocket, but that doesn’t stop me from asking a hundred times if she’d like to come home and let us take care of her and her little dog, Brian.  But she’s okay there, surrounded by her stuff, and she’s advocating for herself and working hard on getting well.  No whining, no complaining–Brian is the nurse and the comic relief.  She even has occasional “Martha” moments and sends us a pic of a new little change in her decor—when you’re on the couch for months, even moving a lamp to the other end of the sofa is rewarding!

We miss her terribly, but know she is mending.  Thank you for asking about her and sending her your love, and best wishes and prayers.  One of these days, she’ll be here to greet you…and the two people hovering around her will be Bob and me, just grateful for her sweet presence.

Hug your kids, xoxo, Bren