Another must have–a leather jacket!

They all call it a “moto” jacket, but it’s short for motorcycle jacket, and we’re seeing them on everyone—from the babysitter to the grandmother!  It’s really about attitude!

You rarely see one zipped up—probably because it looks a little too severe, and it is a lot of leather—and the attitude comes with the casual way you just throw it on over everything!  It”s matched with dresses as often as it’s paired with jeans.  Leave it unzipped, roll up the sleeves, or push them up.  Then wear it like you’ve had it for years…it’s your favorite go over everything jacket.  It’s not meant to be part of an outfit or to match what you are wearing or it becomes a costume piece…too contrived.  (We don’t want people to think that we actually plan what we wear…none of their business.)  Too busty for the big collar?  Find one with no collar—they’re out there.  Wear it the same way–it works!

The other great thing about leather jackets (aside from the edgy part), is that you can pay a fortune for one or find an amazing one that’s already broken in at our consignment stores, or a thrift shop!  The fake leather ones this year are wonderful!  After all, we’re just after the look…

Wear it like you own it…with confidence and a wink!  Love you guys, Bren