Backpacks from Stella McCartney and Rag & Bone.

When I see a woman walking past me wearing a backpack, I always think how practical it is to be hands-free and how sharp she looks—straight and elegant, arms moving at her sides.  Much prettier and together than the struggle to keep a big bag on your shoulder, or the awkwardness in motion of one held in the crook of your arm—what do you do with your hands?

The current backpacks are really beautiful–not like the Hello Kitty bags of our youth. These are worthy of investigating.  Practical since we were school kids, they are now for grown up city women!

Stella McCartney has a gorgeous one with very slim shoulder straps, made from ivory linen with rose gold leather whip-stitched trim—so beautiful!  Of course, it’s around $1600.00 at Barney’s. There’s a nice one from Rag & Bone in tan suede and black leather–elegant in it’s simplicity–no metal doodads anywhere.  It runs about $700.00.

Vince Camuto  has a handsome one with an unusual closing, and I saw an excellent one from Alexander Wang for $1000.00, that was as elegant as any designer handbag—gorgeous!  If I ever decided to own one, this one would be my choice! Not inexpensive, but you would have it forever!

It might be worth trying, especially if it makes me look like I have my act together… love, Brenda