Beauty Info Day- this Sunday! Free!!

Why a beauty day? Because I like to know stuff.  In a world where fifteen year -old girls walk the runway and populate makeup ads—I feel lost.  So much illusion- so many empty promises–and, of course, photo shop!

I want to know as much as I can about what’s available to me as a grown up woman.  Why a twenty year-old is used to advertise wrinkle cream or a sixteen year-old in full makeup  ( including false eyelashes) is trying to sell us mascara?!?  I want facts!

Dot Mitchell (Laser Skincare Solutions) and Tracilee Messina (Basic Beauty) will be here on Sunday to answer any questions you may have regarding every thing you’ve wondered about–laser, botox, fillers–wrinkles,spider veins, brown spots–the best makeup, mascara or eye shadow and how to do it!  The ladies are knowledgeable, wise and charming—and  this is all free!!

Bring your make up bag and all your questions!

I trust Tracilee and Dot to help me and they can help you to be the best you!  That’s what it’s all about!  Come and see us!  It will be fun!

Take care, Brenda