Big, oversized winter coats are in this year!

They’re cut big enough to fit over a blazer or a giant fisherman knit sweater! This can be very practical, since they’ll fit over anything, but they can also overwhelm you.  They are not fitted.  If you wear dainty shoes, you will look totally out of proportion.  A big coat, in most cases, needs pants, heavier shoes or boots.

I wouldn’t invest a huge amount- unless you are buying a classic like a Max Mara camel hair ( been around for 30 years!). Your mom might have one you could borrow!  Still classy!  If you’re going to try it- remember, wear it like you own it!

At any rate, be prepared, it’s a look you’re going to see.  Some women will pull off beautifully!  If you’e tempted to try, study them first and try on in front of full length mirrors,

It’s tricky sometimes!?  xoxo, Brenda