Tools to maintain your stuff- silver clothes.

We use these on all our sterling silver jewelry.  It’s a little cloth treated with silver polish.  It comes in it’s own plastic tube to keep it from drying out.  Buff your jewelry with this and it removes the tarnish! buff again with an old washcloth to remove any residue and your jewelry will always look like new and not leave those black marks on your skin and clothes.  Store in a zip lock bag or it’s own tube to keep from drying out.Available at our 906 stores for $5.  Small things make a difference!!

xoxo, Brenda

Why I shop at the Closet EXchange!

I sell my things here and I buy things here!  I love having store credit!  I like that I love the clothes that I buy here–awesome things!!

It’s wonderful to find something perfect for me and I didn’t have to go to the mall and try on dozens of things and hope I find something. If there’s nothing today, the odds are pretty good that it will  happen tomorrow…after all, we add hundreds of things everyday!

I don’t get first pick because we put out so much stuff daily, that it can take me a couple of days to see it all!  And then there’s the moment when a customer brings up something absolutely wonderful and in my breaking heart, I’m thinking “I LOVE this”, but I missed it and she found it.  That’s what it’s all about.

If you’re smart enough to join the hunt–you deserve to win!  (Besides, maybe she’ll consign it one day and I”ll have another chance!)

Be kind. Brenda

Do you notice the brand of things you buy?

That label can help you identify things that you know and like and that consistently fit you.  If you buy a pair of Paige jeans, love the cut and fabric, look for them again.  Theory cuts very narrow in the hip and seat, so if you have a boyish shape, try them.  Need jeans with a higher rise?  Try Not Your Daughters Jeans (NYDJ)!

When something works for you, notice the label.  Just remember, sometimes it’s not right even if  it’s the label you like.  At the end of the day…you have to love it!!

Sunglasses-we spent $1.85 billion in one year!!!

Wow!! Hard to believe.  is this because we all want to look like celebrities?  Because sunglasses look cool in selfies? Because we didn’t get enough sleep-didn’t put on eye makeup-just hiding a few wrinkles-or maybe even to protect our eyes?

I think it’s mostly to hide something.  Of course, there is the glamour aspect.  Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and all the Kardashians, and everyone in LA and NYC.  We all want to be glamorous and polished without a lot of work.  Sunglasses are a great solution.  Maybe that’s why sales are so high.  It’s an affordable way to add a little dash of mystery and class.

Then there is the label factor.  Do we really notice if your sunglasses are Gucci or Chanel?  Can we tell if they are fake or real? Does it matter?  I think sales may be huge because we tend to lose our sunglasses…car roofs, store counters, dressing rooms, restaurant tables and of course…sitting on them..

Have a happy day. xo, Brenda

Do you know the difference between resale and retail?

50% off the price in retail stores is NOT the same as 50% off in our stores.

In consignment (or resale), our first price is less than 50% off in retail.  We start at 60% to 80% off, so you are already getting a fabulous price!  That $100 sweater starts at $33.  It’s a steal at our first price and it’s not shopworn or leftover or damaged.  It’s perfect…we only accept perfect items.

Yes, it’s pre-owned, but that usually means just that–someone else bought it first, but may never have worn it, it didn’t fit, color was wrong,  bad style, gift from an old boyfriend…  Resale gives us all a chance to upgrade our wardrobe without guilt!  Just a smile on our face, money in our pocket and a treasure in our bag!!!

Life is good! xo, Brenda

Buy this- Nailtique for fragile nails.

This is a clear nail polish that is a treatment for nails that are soft or split and break.  Buy “Formula Two” of Nailtique.  I put on a coat every night for a week.  Peel off at the end of the week and start again.  It’s $25. for a bottle, but lasts for a couple months and your nails will amaze you!  Your nails look like you had a manicure and they are so strong!  You’ll have to file them down.  You know I use my hands all the time and I love this stuff.  It works and costs less than a manicure!!  xoxo.

Hi sweeties, my brain is working again!

And I’ve missed sharing with you!

After working everyday for 14 years, this recovery time has given me time to observe and think…all my clothes are black, gray, or white!  Any of you could have told me that, but laying in bed, looking at my closet really brought it home-haha.

Then I realized and accepted that I will never give up black.  It’s so simple, always works, and it’s the perfect canvas!  What makes our look memorable is the pop—a piece of jewelry, a scarf, or jacket, or even the cut of what we’re wearing!  If it works for you, stick with it.

“When consistency meets conviction, style happens.”  Carolina Herrera.

Style is a good thing!  Find yours and it simplifies your life!! Yay!

Love you guys, xoxo, Brenda

How to get those white spots off your rubber boots- yay!

Rubber boots (like Hunter) can get white spots.  It’s called “bloomimg”.  Here’s the fix. Wash the boots first with soapy water , wipe off and let dry.  Then wipe on a good amount of olive oil with a microfiber cloth and rinse with warm water. dry.  This should do it.  (According to Hunter).  Worth a try, cuz washing doesn’t work…


2016-10-10-11-37-45Gratitude for all your prayers, wishes, thoughts, cards, tokens, treasures, notes, flowers and messages.  All these things mean so much to me.  I can never thank you all enough.  I am blessed…

It worked!! I am well and look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces in the coming days…

Amen… and thank you, Brenda

Dear beauties, a thank you!

2016-10-10-11-37-45Thank you so much for all the cards and flowers, prayers and wishes for  my recovery.  They all mean so much to me.  They make me strong!  They make a difference.  You are all so dear to me…

I am feeling much better and almost to the end of my recovery.  I have missed all of you so much, but I should be back soon.  We’ll have lots of time to catch up!

All my love, Brenda