Brenda’s closet. Day 13.

The sale runs one more day.  Today was another good day.  We laugh a lot.

Women are so funny. They get it…whatever it is, they get it! We put a TV in our display shelf in the front of the designer and boutique store playing a dvd of a burning fireplace. We thought a fireplace would be nice on these cold wintry days.  It looks really great and its unexpected and fun. Women came in and warmed their hands, some wanted to know where the marshmallows were… but they all got it!  It was just something to make you smile.

What did I wear today?  Guess what color? Gray over the knee boots, black skinny pants, another white blouse and a simple gray cashmere pocket tunic sweater from Vince.  The sweater has a high boat neck which is not that becoming  when worn as is. It looks too casual and unfinished, somehow not too flattering. The white collar of the blouse polishes the look. A couple of long necklaces, and a bangle, and small fake diamond studs.  I usually wear small earrings when I wear anything with a high collar.  Big earrings clutter the look too much. My favorite diamond studs are from my store and they cost $12.00! Great!

Thank you for making our lives so happy.  You are the best! Brenda