Brenda’s closet. Day 14.

It’s Sunday—just a half day of work. It’s a treat to have a morning that’s paced a little slower.  I have an extra cup of coffee and get ready for work in daylight for a change. It’s nice.

Don’t want to overthink it. I know, you know. Black skinny pants ( I have several pairs, as they are my uniform in the colder months), tall black boots, long sleeved white blouse under a black cashmere Vince pocket tunic with elbow length sleeves.  Shorter sleeves like this are a little tricky for me–I don’t like elbow length sleeves on me.  I fooled around with this sweater for a while, and finally came up with this solution.  It works.

The long sleeved white shirt with the white collar seem to pull the look together. They’re making a lot of sweaters with this shorter sleeve—it’s not 3/4 length, it ends above the elbow.  Not really  flattering, it just looks unfinished.  Try this yourself.  It would also work with a dress.

I add long pearls , two strands work nicely.  They don’t have to match and they don’t have to be real, in fact, fake ones are great!  I like to add a large pin, too…one that sparkles!  It looks a little like Chanel to have a pin and multiple necklaces.  It’s just a little touch that changes an outfit from plain and safe to something a step above, a bit more brave and confident. Besides that, I know we all love sparkles…so why wait for a special occasion to wear them? Live it up—let ’em see you shine!

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