Brenda’s closet. Day 15.

A day off today. Always lots to do. I’m off to the mall to return a pair of boots I foolishly ordered online. I should know better. Do not love the mall.

What I wore? Skinny black pants, tall black boots, gray sweater over white blouse (another uniform–it always looks nice), and my favorite leather jacket.  It’s very soft, very simple. It’s longer than most, covers my butt, has a drawstring waist and a mandarin collar.  It’s beautiful and I always get compliments.  The best part is that it was my mom’s coat.

It’s three years this month since my mom passed away.  She was a fashionista before there was such a word. She had great style and it seemed to come to her easily.  She was a classic.  She loved to shop, but she knew exactly what she wanted….never one to follow a fad, but always aware of the current trends.  Such a great role model! She was beautiful and funny.

When my parents retired, they would go out every day to run an errand and go to lunch.  So smart. My mom’s uniform was great black pants, narrow in the hip with a full leg, a sharp white blouse, a beautiful belt, 3 sterling bracelets, a few rings, great earrings, pretty flats. My dad was always in a Brooks Bros. cardigan, plaid shirt, and khakis. He had a handlebar moustache and pale blue eyes. Such a handsome couple…

Mom dressed the same all through her seventies. The coat that came to me is probably 20 years old. Mom wrote her name inside, and I think of her every time I wear it. It will probably be my daughter’s someday. A classic is forever….

Take care.  Be grateful. Brenda