Brenda’s closet. Day 16

I talked about my mom’s leather jacket yesterday, and that started me thinking about leather jackets in general. My first impression of Boston was from a fourth floor window at Downtown Crossing.  All I could see was dozens of people all in jeans and black leather jackets. I thought it was a required uniform.

My first leather item was a long burgundy leather skirt in the early 70’s. It was gorgeous.  Later,  I owned a red leather stroller, butter soft.  I felt very glamorous–very “Dynasty”. Then there was a dry spell.  I didn’t need leather, and didn’t see anything I loved. Leather is tricky. Suede is hard to keep clean, and leather has a sheen that makes you look larger than you are. Sometimes it’s just too masculine or Hell’s Angel like.

Then came biker chic…who knew!  Leather is here to stay. This year there are knife pleated leather skirts that move like fabric; there are strikingly simple soft leather shifts; leather shirts and tank tops; leather pants again; embossed leather skirts that look like snake skin… and so much more!

After several years of resisting  and hunting, I did find a jacket that worked for me.  It is waist length, very light black leather, with a soft lapel that moves with you, sueded on one side and smooth on the other.  No big zippers or hardware. I think I will wear it for a long time.

If you haven’t invested yet, this is a piece of clothing that’s worth owning.  You just need to find the one that is really you….and it’s out there. Waiting.

Wear something with color today. Take care, Brenda