Brenda’s closet. Day 18.

Very, very cold today.  A perfect day to test run my new fake fur vest!

I have watched people wear fur vests for years…skiers, apres ski, fashionistas, mountain mamas, etc. It used to be real fur, and mostly for the wealthy, beautiful people who vacationed or lived in the snow country.  But then there was Sonny and Cher….fur vests were rock and roll!  They have come and gone and reappeared again in various forms and furs.  But they were mostly outdoor wear.

I always wanted one, but I don’t like the heavy sweaters required to keep you warm.  But now they are accessories-like jewelry and scarves!   You can wear them inside! They come in real fur and fake fur. Great!

I found one on clearance somewhere in my favorite color- black , and it’s fake, so no guilt.  There was a brief moment of “is it me?”, but I gave in. It’s not too fluffy, mid- hip length, narrow in the shoulder and has a nice piece of leather down the front that keeps you from looking like a big puffball.  I think the secret to wearing these vests is to keep what you wear underneath very narrow and close to the body.  You really need to wear boots to balance out the look.

I wore it to work today with my usual black skinny pants, grey wool tunic, boots to the knee (not over the knee–that would be too pirate-ha), white collar peeking out, and a sleek silver pin on one shoulder to pin the leather flap back.  I’m glad I bought the vest.  I like it, and it will be something I can wear for years.

My girls said I rocked it!  I hope so…I felt good in it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!

Step outside of the box once in a while-it keeps us fresh! Take care, Brenda