Brenda’s closet. Day 19.

Can a person wear too much black clothing?

Watching my customers coming and going on yet another very cold day—the outfit of the day is black–black puffy coat, black jacket, black pants, black boots, black purse…black, black, black.

Yes, black is very practical, especially if you live in this climate.  It goes with everything, doesn’t show the dirt from slushy streets, rainy walks, and puddled curbs.  It’s easy to get dressed.  Everything goes with everything.  You can get dressed in the dark, or in your closet, or with your eyes shut! Black makes you look thinner.  Black is the color for Boston and New York.

Just remember, you can disappear in a sea of black.  Do you want to be invisible? I think there are people who are more comfortable just blending in.  Black is safe, you don’t stand out.  But sometimes it’s really nice to be seen or recognized, not as something foolish or extraordinary, but as a bright spot or a happy surprise! A woman in a black coat sporting bright red gloves and shoes makes me smile.  The splash of a lime green scarf wrapped around the neck of a black sweater is delightful!  I wear a lot of black.  I like it. But you also know I like sparkles, and I’m coming to like beige and pink with my black.

Wearing black is ok.  It can be very beautiful. Just don’t let it be blah and boring. Step out of the box and add a surprise.  It’s a gentle, creative bravery.

Take care. Buy a pale blue scarf. If you’re not sure, come talk to me. Brenda