Brenda’s closet. Day 20.

Guess what?  After my big chat about lots of black, I decided to wear color today-with my black basics.  I have a very pretty pale pink/lavender vest bought last year and worn very tentatively once or twice.  It’s very simple with a large angled collar, longer in front than in back in a wool blend fabric. No buttons, or belt, or details.  Very clean looking.  It looked very pretty and drew lots of praise from the ladies…and they don’t say a peep if they don’t like something.

I think  that pastels with black can be very attractive.  Not as hard looking as black with red, or royal blue or deep purple.  The trick is to keep it simple–the whole outfit all black, then add one piece in a soft color. Something that is flattering to your eye color or hair color.  If you’re not sure, put on a black top and stand in front of a mirror where there is daylight.  Lay the piece of clothing you’re thinking about wearing on your shoulder and see if it lights up your face or eyes…I know this sounds silly, but it works.  When it’s right, you will see it!

The pastel piece should be a vest, jacket or sweater. You want to leave a border of black to tie it all together–like a black sleeve, or collar or the open panel of black when you wear a jacket. If you just wear an aqua sweater with black pants, it  looks like color blocking, not an outfit. You need three pieces. A black collar peeking out of the aqua sweater makes all the difference!  Small details.

Your basic outfit could also be gray or camel instead of black. Pastels work well with these too.  Give it a try.

I felt so pretty today that I’m really going to try to add more color to my wardrobe. This is gonna be tough!

This could help you to perk up the winter wardrobe! Take care. Let me know what you think! Brenda