Brenda’s closet. Day 21.

I am wrapped up today in memories of my mother.  She was a great beauty, and a fashionista from the time she was in high school. Many of the tips and tricks I share with you, probably started with her.  She worked in beautiful retail stores and did some modeling.  She was brave and creative.  She was always wonderfully dressed on a modest budget.

I learned about cutting up clothes from her…but she used to cut the sleeves off her cashmere twinsets! She would cut the sleeves off the inner sweater and save the cuffs. Then when she put on the cardigan, she would put the cuffs on her wrist and tuck the edges up. It still looked like a long sleeved sweater with a matching cardigan…but not nearly as hot! Still makes me laugh.  If you were a good friend, she would pull up her sleeve to show you her trick—lots of giggling.

My love of retail and fashion and seeing people happy are things I learned from her. She passed away three years ago today.  She was never able to come and see my stores, but she knew about them and she loved to talk about them with her friends. I see her every day in small treasures at home, the ring I wear, the photo by the dressing rooms in 906, and in the mirror.  Yes, this white hair is a gift from her. I am grateful…

Hug your mom. Be glad. Brenda