Brenda’s closet. Day 22.

Let’s talk about tunics—what they are and why I love them.  A tunic is like a short dress…best length for most of us is mid thigh.  It can have sleeves or not.  It can be worn over a skirt, or jeans, or leggings, or pants! Amazing!  Generally it’s like a shift-no waist definition.  What a wonderful piece of clothing! So forgiving!

It elongates the body and hides any little bumps or muffin tops. It can be a soft long sweater, or a nice knit or fabric.  It can be worn like a jumper, with a blouse underneath. It’s the perfect partner to the shorter jackets we keep seeing.  It balances out the proportions.  It hides our bottoms and smooths out our hips. I am always on the lookout for them.  They are a staple for me, especially because I am short waisted.

They really do work on everyone. The trick is to find them. I always look through the dress rack, wherever I am.  Any dress that is cut simple and straight is a potential tunic.  Here we go again…cut the dress shorter! Remember, it must be narrow-not a lot of fullness-that defeats the purpose.  Look through your closet. You may have a couple of things that would do it!

This is my “go to” look whenever I want my outfit to be foolproof!  I always feel tall, sleek, and polished…even after I’ve been eating everything in sight for days.

Let me know if you have questions…I’m happy to help. Take care, Brenda