Brenda’s closet. Day 23.

This weather is making me nuts…50 degrees in January?  Really? I have to redo all the windows in the stores tomorrow.  That means crawling in and out of 8 windows, some short, some tall, some in the sun, some impossible to get into.  Hot, sweaty work—I’ve learned from past experience that it’s not smart to wear good clothes when you’re doing this.  However, I am still at work and my customers do see me and sometimes need me.

What to wear when you need to be presentable even though you’re doing grunt work?  This one is tough.  It took several combinations to come up with something, but I did. Leggings and tall boots are too hot…finally settled on jeans, and a low boot.  It’s okay, but now I have a muffin top–argggh (potato chips are my big weakness) .  A Spanx tank will help that a little, but then what? I need something I can reach and stretch in, but looks better than a sweatshirt.  Found it! A black stretchy blouse with a collar–so far so good–but still need a little cover for the for all the reaching and bending.  I like my bottom covered or at least disguised when I’m hopping in and out of windows.

I decided on a soft loose striped Vince sweater with a boat neck and 3/4 length sleeves–longer in the back. It’s not clingy or hot. The blouse makes it look a little more done.  It would be more finished with the sweater tucked into a low belt in front, but that would be silly , since I’m going for practical.  If my daughter were here and saw me do that , she’d give me the eye roll.  She’s always right!  I do get lost in the process sometimes….

Every day is a challenge, in one way or another…but I so look forward to each day. Brenda

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