Brenda’s closet. Day 24.

Today is my wedding anniversary!  I’m going to tell you a story about how Bob and I met.

Years ago I was working in an historic general store in Vermont.  The owners wanted to retire, so I decided I wanted to buy the store.  I went to the local bank and told the banker I wanted to do this, but I had no money (so young and idealistic).  He was a smart, thoughtful man and he gave me a plan that would help me raise some money and the bank would match it!

The idea worked and I bought the store!  The banker would stop by now and then to see how I was doing.  I thought he had doubts about my ability to run a business.  Not the case…

I married that smart, handsome banker thirty-seven years ago today—and it’s been heaven. How I got so lucky I’ll never know.

Life is good.  Take care, Brenda