Brenda’s closet. Day 25.

Hi sweeties.  I was thinking about jeans….I wore them yesterday and today because it was going to be warm, and I thought I would be too hot in my favorite boots and skinny pants.  I realized a couple of things.  I’m not ready at all for warmer weather—I like January and February to be cold and snowy the way winter is supposed to be.  And, I really don’t love jeans as much anymore!

I know they are a uniform around the world, but I’ve learned to embrace the comfort, versatility and ease of good leggings or skinny pants.  I love spandex!  What a fabulous invention!  It’s nice to wear pants that don’t pinch or bunch or restrict.  I have noticed that a lot of women have come to the same conclusion.  What’s really interesting is that they have figured out the look!  I see women from size 4 to size 16 all looking awesome and confident in these slender pants.  The secret is proportion.  Boots really balance the hips, and a longer top covers the tush, and that length slims out any fluffiness around the seat, hips and waist.  I really had my doubts about this look a few years ago, but we women have adapted the style.  It does work for all of us.

I love that it looks good on any age or size. Now we just have to make it a uniform, like jeans.  Only  I really think it is even more flattering, more current and a little more sophisticated than jeans. It certainly is easier–no pant length to worry about, no specific waist size…just slide ’em on, pull on your boots, a tunic and you’re out the door! Yay!

If you haven’t tried this fashion yet, you should.  You might be surprised.

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