Brenda’s closet. Day 27.

Today was one of those days when getting dressed for work was a struggle.  It was one of those mornings—running a little late—needing a shampoo—every little thing was a problem.  Out of moisturizer, mascara clumping, hair just wanting to be awful.

Sleeveless blouse, needs long sleeved tunic, but the neckline on the tunic doesn’t work with this blouse.  Change tunic, feel fat, try a different tunic (number three!) with a cardigan.  Belt—yes or no?  Try on three—give up.  Tall boots, but there’s ice and the boots are smooth bottomed…arrgh.  Change to boots that let you walk down the driveway, not baby-step along like your grandma.

I leave a wasteland of discarded clothing and footwear on the bed.  Beauty spot in total disarray—clean it up later.  Arrive at work with no earrings, rings, etc—feeling naked. Fortunately, I own a store.  I still have time to find some jewelry and even buy yet another tunic if this one’s a bust.

Yep, it happens to all of us.  You are not alone.

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Take care.  Keep smiling.  Brenda