Brenda’s Closet. Day 28.

I’m thinking about lighting—not the lamps you buy for your house—but how lighting affects how we look.

Once I went to lunch with my mom and some of her friends.  I noticed that they seemed to be vying for certain seats at the table.  Later she told me, with a chuckle, that they all like to sit with the light from the windows coming from behind.  Much softer light, doesn’t highlight the wrinkles and flaws—who would have thought!

But you know, it’s something to think about.  Ever walk into a restroom somewhere and get a glimpse of yourself and feel bad?  Then in a nice restaurant, you look beautiful in the restroom mirror.  Interesting. ( A woman probably designed the restaurant restroom.)  How about dressing rooms? Yikes!. Save me.

I know that most of the time we have no control over the lighting, but here are some tips.

Direct overhead lighting is death. It makes many shadows.  If you want to look your best, like dates or interviews, avoid this. Daylight or soft pink light is flattering. For a good photo, you want the light to come from in front and aimed up so there are fewer shadows.  I learned this from my sister, the model.  She also says the camera should be higher than you.

Odd tidbits, but when you see pictures of yourself and cringe, try these things.  Maybe there will be photos of you that you like, or are even proud of.  The beauty is always there, sometimes it just needs managing!

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Shoulders back, chin down a little. Brenda