Brenda’s closet. Day 29.

I have no waist. I say this with frustration and regret.  I never had a great one-genetics-but I usually have the hint of one. This winter I seem to have given into the “no exercise-eat everything” plan.  It happens.

Happily, there are ways to deal with this, other than diet and exercise. Here are some suggestions.

First, just accept that, for a while, you will not be accentuating your waist.  Think long, tall, sleek.  Stick with a monochromatic look—all black, all brown, all navy.  Pants should be straight and narrow, no pleats or pockets.  Top should be simple, not tight, not gathered anywhere and fall straight from shoulder to hip, or as long as mid-thigh.  This depends on how tall you are and how fluffy you’re feeling.  This is your canvas.

Then add:

A vest, any length, adjust for your height. The color is determined by your confidence level.  A bright color can make the look!  If you’re feeling timid, choose a variation of the color of your canvas. Do not button. Then add a spectacular necklace or just the peek of a belt buckle hung low.

A jacket will work the same.  Structure is good, do not button.

My other foolproof outfit is narrow pants, mid-thigh tunic and a bat-wing sweater that hits at the hip. All one color.  Totally hides the waist. My favorite–so comfortable.  I have no secrets.

These combos all look great and no one knows your secret.

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Also, stand tall and wear a heel or a platform. Keep smiling. Brenda