Brenda’s closet. Day 30.

My dream closet is not one that is huge or endless. I want a closet that is full of things that I love..every single item is awesome on some level. This is so hard to achieve.  It requires constant vigilance…do not let a so-so piece remain.  It will backfire on you one morning when you’re in a hurry.

Try and keep in mind the outfits that you always feel amazing in–the ones that always bring compliments.  We all have a couple.  You want every thing you have in your closet to meet that mark.  This can mean painful and heartless editing.  You know that skirt with the sparkles that you’ve been saving for two years…the blazer that’s a little too tight…the blouse that pulls at the buttons. How about the leather pants you had to have because it was all the rage, but they’re too hot to wear.

We all have those “maybe” pieces.  Maybe if I lose 5 lbs, maybe with a different bra, maybe if I find the right thing to go with it.  I’ve been there.  “Maybe “is not good enough to earn a place in your closet.  Move it to another closet…and check on it periodically.  Maybe it will turn into something wonderful.

Simplify your life.  Keep only the things that work every time.  Yes, it’s hard to do, but it eliminates so much stress and anxiety. Those “maybe’s” will get you every time!

Talk to us, we love it.  Like us, please. Thank you. Brenda