Brenda’s closet. Day 31.

Valentine’s Day is coming.  It is a true holiday that began hundreds of years ago, but became a popular American holiday in the 1840’s, when Esther Howland of Worcester, Mass. made the first commercial valentine cards out of ribbons, lace and scrap pictures.  It caught on!

The best Valentine’s day cards I have ever received were made by hand…by family members or dear friends.  The best ones I ever sent were the ones I made, because they were created with thought and love for a specific and special person. The process of building these cards gave me time to really think about the person they were for. Some were simple and funny and some were quite elaborate—you can get caught up in the process!  The times I made cards with my kids was a lot of fun… they didn’t realize you could make your own.  They didn’t have to come from CVS or have Spiderman on them…

The point is that Valentine’s Day is coming and you have time to make it something special.  Here in the middle of our beautiful winter (yes, I love winter) , you can make it a day that counts. Real messages of love to those who matter to you— a special family dinner,  home made cookies to the grandma up the street, hugs and kisses, notes in the lunches, chocolate hearts under the pillows….you can probably think of dozens of other small ways to make it happen.  Let’s make it special.  Who knows? Next year it may be more special…it’s so nice to have something to look forward to!

Take care. Be kind. Brenda