Brenda’s Closet. Day 32.

Let’s have a chat about clothes sizing.  I know—you’re thinking “why bother, nothing fits”.  Here are some tips that might make shopping less frustrating.

Never believe the size on the tag.  Never, ever, ever!  At our store we size things as small, medium, large, and extra large because of the inaccuracy of manufacturer’s sizing.  A  4 is often a 2, a 6 is often a 4, you get it.  So if you are a small, try sizes 2,4,and 6, really!  Medium is sizes 8, 10, 12, and sometimes even 14!  You may have a size 10 waist, but need a 14 in the bust. It’s okay, we want it to fit.

Size is just a number…don’t let it color your feeling about yourself or your shape. What we want is something that fits and is flattering!  I usually try two sizes of anything I’m interested in.  Many tops and sweaters are cut short.  Go up a size if you need more length.  Blouses almost always run small, once again go up a size.

Jeans—–arrgh!!!  The numbers mean nothing!  It’s not your hip measurement or your waist.  Who thought  this up?  Here’s how it works generally: 31-32=size 12, 30-31=size 10, 29= size 8,  28= size 6, 27=size 4, 26=size 2. Maybe this will help.

The best approach is to just pick things you like , size them up by eye (most women are pretty good at this), check the size, but don’t agonize over it.  Give it a try.  If you love it, try it in any size until you find the one that works.  You can always cut out the size tag if it annoys you.  I think maybe we should boycott all manufacturers until they stop making us crazy…we would probably buy more if sizing was universal and realistic.  Just be flexible when shopping…base your choices on how it looks and makes you feel.  The number means nothing…

Take care. Be kind to yourself. Brenda