Brenda’s closet. Day 34.

Well, we had a blizzard. We closed the stores for four days!! For our staff, this is a wonderful gift—four snow days!!! Days to play and lay around and do nothing.  For people like me, it’s a mixed blessing.  I’m used to working all the time.  There is that huge work ethic thing.  On top of that, my husband, Bob, is worse than me….he doesn’t know how to “not” work.

Now, I like to be’s nice.  You get to look out the window at the birds, see your house in the daylight, read magazines, watch a little daytime TV…and cook.  It’s great to have a home cooked meal, instead of the pick -up stuff we do most nights…or the toast or cereal thing.  So I cook a lot.  All the things I don’t have time to make on a normal work day.  Then I bake. We eat it all.  It tastes so good and the weatherman gave us permission to not work!  But it’s tricky.

We both get a little antsy, because we are so used to working all the time…Bob stands behind me as I write a blog or scan an article.  He really is a little lost.  He’s reading now and I’m doing this.  If I finish this quickly, I can tempt him with a cup of tea, another cookie and a movie.  It takes some effort to relax into a snow day.  Maybe we need to work at that!

Stay warm.  Have a cookie. Brenda