Brenda’s closet. Day 37.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I always wish I had something red or pink to wear on Valentine’s Day…I usually don’t…but I started to think about it a couple of days ago, so I was ready this year. (pathetic?)  Hot pink jacket, black pants, white blouse, and lots of fake sparkle!

I remember how important it was to my kids to pick out the right cards to give to friends at school.  And then there was the box to put their cards in.  My son wanted a “fish” box! We made one—it was shaped like a fish and had heart shaped red scales. Then Mag wanted a peacock one!  That one was pretty great too.  Thank goodness for glue guns and sparkles!

When they came home, we had to look at all the cards they had received and get the story about each kid.  Then when Daddy came home, we did it all again.  So much fun!

We still make sure there are Valentine’s cards.  It’s a chance to give something more tangible than a text message.

Make a special treat…they’ll love it! xoxoxo Brenda