Brenda’s closet. Day 39.

Still thinking about love.  You can say “I love you”, but we show love more by what we do. Take out the trash, make cookies, leave a note on the bathroom mirror.  Learn to be good to people everyday.  Hold the door for the person behind you.  Look the girl at Dunkin’ Donuts in the eye, smile, and say “good morning”, leave a proper tip, be patient of seniors (you are going to be one).

We are so full of ourselves and our busyness that we have forgotten how to be kind.  The people that you cross paths with are just like you.  Smile if you make eye contact.  They don’t want anything from you—nothing to be afraid of.  That smile you give may change their day, and they, in turn, may do the same for someone else.

The more good you put out there, the more will come back to you.  Try it!

Being kind is showing love, and we need more love in this world.  Love, Brenda