Brenda’s closet. Day 40.

What to wear today?  Snow = skinny pants or tights and boots.  Easy.  The hard part for me is the top.  Read on… I’m going to tell you another secret!

Some pants or tights give you a little muffin top (in my case, a roll) over the waistband. To manage or disguise this  requires some thought and creative layering.  To manage or hide?  You can pop on a loose top or sweater and look great,  but if you’re going for a more fitted look, you need to manage it.

My favorite piece is a spandex tank from Spanx.  It’s very light and stretchy.  It goes over your bra and down over your hips.  It smooths out the muffin tops and any edge from the waistband–Great!  Be aware–it feels really tight when you pull it over your head (I don’t attempt this if my husband is around—he already thinks I’m goofy), but once it’s pulled all the way down and in place, you feel tucked in and smoother!!! Awesome tool!

Then just finish dressing. You look 5 pounds lighter and trimmer!  Your jacket or blouse fits better.  Any spandex tank will do, I just happen to love Spanx.  If you think all the women you see on the red carpet don’t use these, you’re kidding yourself…sometimes, they even wear two at a time!

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Try new things. Love, Brenda