Brenda’s closet. Day 42.

Another story for you.  I know a woman who’s mom never had an interest in makeup or fashion.  She was the only daughter, and when she married, she only had sons.  There was never much conversation or awareness about these aspects of being a woman.  She was a natural beauty, so she was always pretty, but never felt confident in stepping out a bit.

One day she asked a close friend about her eyebrows…and that opened the door to that mysterious and fascinating world of makeup and fashion!  After a few lessons and a lot of giggling, she learned some new things, and was comfortable with enhancing what she had when she wanted to.  She was even more beautiful because of the confidence she felt!

It’s not about being a glamazon or a fashionista—it’s just about loving yourself enough to give yourself permission to grow and be your best.  You can ask a friend for help…she may have been waiting!

It’s good to learn new things.  Be brave. Brenda

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