Brenda’s closet. Day 43.

I was poking around in the closet where I keep my coats. I don’t want to say this, but I have to be honest with you…I have too many coats.  Is it because I love coats?  No, actually, I find them a nuisance.   Most of them don’t fit over a jacket or a sweater without making me feel like a sausage.  You have to muddle around to fit in the car, and then cinch yourself into the seat belt.  The sleeves of a lot of my things do not slide into a coat sleeve without grabbing the lining and bunching up.  If it has a belt, it wrinkles my clothes, or makes me look like a pillow with a string around it. Grrr.

I put together an outfit for work to look good, not to fit under my coat.  The last thing I need to worry about as I’m rushing out the door, is which coat will fit over this outfit. Often, I end up taking off the jacket or sweater I’m going to wear and shoving it in a bag to carry to work.  Then of course, my arms are cold since I cut the sleeves off everything I wear under a jacket or sweater (I covered this in a previous blog). Gee.

So, I think I have a lot of coats because I am always looking for the perfect coat—the one that fits over everything.  There is no such thing, except for a cape or shawl.  But, that opens another whole list of problems. We’re not gonna go there.

Keep smiling. Life is funny. xoxo, Brenda