Brenda’s closet. Day 44.

Good looking women.  They catch your eye.  If you analyze what it is that caught your attention, it’s probably that she just looks right.  I always notice great hair…probably because I struggle with that. The outfit fits well, it’s proportions are right and it’s appropriate for the time of day and location.  Usually a very nice handbag, in good condition and nice boots or shoes.  Minimal jewelry, but thought out. Sometimes a scarf, but beautifully arranged.

It’s a wonderful thing to see.  I often end up comparing how I look with the woman in front of me.  How did she accomplish this?  Can I do this?  It doesn’t threaten me…it’s just a moment to observe and learn.  The women who can do this, learned it from someone too.  I like the comfortable confidence they seem to have.  I want this.

It has nothing to do with money or what you spend on your clothes.  It has everything to do with knowing what works for you.  Figure that out and then that is your guideline for the rest of your life.  You can tweak it a little based on fashion trends, but knowing what flatters you  is the real secret.

Simplicity is often the key.  Find yourself. Brenda