Brenda’s closet. Day 45.

Scarves–the perfect accessory!  They can take the place of jewelry, brighten up our favorite black or gray, distract the eye, camouflage a flaw, hide a spot, or draw attention to an asset!  They’ve been around forever, but there are some things you need to know to make them work.

Most importantly—color. Choose colors that play up your eyes, skin tone or haircolor.  The right color will highlight and draw attention to those things. Try different colors out in a mirror in the daylight.  You will see a huge difference when you find the right one!

Long scarves are easier to manipulate and offer more options than square ones.  The soft jersey or knit ones do not have much body, so they tend to lay flat. These work best when looped softly a couple of times, like a long necklace.  I like lightweight ones with a lot of body.  They are not too hot, and the texture allows you to do more with them. These stay where you put them.  You can wrap them twice around your neck, even standing under your chin, not wrapped tight.  Once around and draped over your shoulder. Tied in a knot, they will still give you height and stand away from your neck.  They are excellent coverage for a double chin, or a day when you hate your neck.

A scarf is an elegant accessory—it can change an ordinary outfit into something outstanding.  Men like women in scarves. Try it—you’ll see.  You’ll get compliments from total strangers.  It will make your day!

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