Brenda’s closet. Day 46.

There’s something that’s been bothering me lately when I watch the news…besides the news.  Have you noticed that all the women look like they’re dressed to go out on a date?  All that long blond hair—extensions abound.  The false eyelashes, heavy makeup, big earrings, tight clothes.  They’re sitting at tables, now glass, so that we can see their legs and platform heels!!!!  I feel like I’m watching one of those reality shows —the Bachelor, or the Bachelorette??!!

Even my husband has asked me about this trend.  We used to look at women on the news as role models for professional appearance, and styles we could emulate in our lives.  Now, it just looks like they are all competing for a slot on the “Housewives of Network News”??? How did we let this happen?  The bar is set so high and so over the top, it’s all so artificial—-and we compare ourselves to this?  I hope not.  Bob keeps asking me why women allow this.  Good question.  Maybe we need to speak up.

And what about our daughters? No wonder young girls today are having a problem dressing and acting their age.  It’s as if we are pushing them from being eight straight to eighteen!  What’s the hurry?  This is not a good trend.  Let’s fix it.

Talk to your daughters. Hug them a lot. xoxo, Brenda