Brenda’s closet. Day 47.

What do you think about the “Red Carpet”?  I think I’m over it…unless you have a friend who gives a party for it with fabulous food and drink and has a wonderful sense of humor!  I really don’t need to see one more Hollywood personality standing in a dress with a thigh high slit, posing with her outstretched exposed leg…already a cliche.

Can you imagine what it must be like to know that every couple of weeks,  you are going to have to appear perfect in front of all the cameras and people who’s job is to critique you?  To never, ever eat a potato chip or cookie in public, unless you want to see a photo of this somewhere?  The pressure!  Then there is the fact that when I’m watching the little bits of this parade, I am usually in my comfy clothes with a bag of chips! As I said—the pressure.

I know that you know this, but I want to remind you that  every woman you see in this event has been stuffed, fluffed, painted, teased, and enhanced by a huge team of people.  This is not real life as we know it!  Do not compare yourself to any of this—it’s almost as awful as Miss America.  They have spent weeks being manicured and manipulated to create this illusion of perfection.

I’m grateful I live in the real world, where my husband tells me I’m beautiful a lot…even in my house-clothes and unfluffed!

Watch it , but don’t believe it. We’re just fine. xoxo, B.

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