Brenda’s closet. Day 48.

Everyone needs a little black dress. Obviously, every fashion magazine magazine assumes we  know this—they all refer to it as an “LBD”. I had to stop and think about it–what is that? Oh.

I do not have a little black dress…haven’t had one in 15 years.  This may possibly say something about my life.  Actually, I prefer pants when I dress up.  Somehow it feels more elegant to me.  Another factor is that it is very hard to find the perfect little black dress, unless you have the perfect little body.  There are many factors involed in finding the dress– skirt length, waist fit, cleavage,  proper undergarments, on and on. I don’t do spaghetti straps, do not love sleeveless, do not like the bare leg thing.  (What the heck is that all about anyway!!?? Did “Sex and the City” make us all stupid?)  For many of us, bare legs equal summer clothes–this makes sense. But not elegant affairs—that’s about being polished and well groomed.

Sorry—rambling. There are great little black dresses, but the trick is to find one that works for you.  Kind of like kissing frogs to find the prince. I am always on the look out for one, and if I see one that meets all my requirements, I will buy it.  In the meantime, for me, a fabulous top and beautiful pants and heels give me the most (stress-free) flattering silhouette that is fine for any event–even black tie!  It’s how I roll! Ha!

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Love, Brenda