Brenda’s closet. Day 50.

Have you noticed how many magazine covers are always counting things for you? For example:” 6 steps to clean your closet”, or “4 steps to lose weight”, or” 5 pieces you must own”.  Do they think that by giving us a number…what? we’ll buy the magazine, or we’ll think they really have the answer.  I think that most tasks of any kind always seem to take far more time than I think it will, and  the process very rarely is  clear cut enough to count as “steps”.

Then there are the ones with big numbers.  “125 ways to reinvent your life”—-excuse me? I don’t have enough life to read the list! or the patience.  Here’s one rather discouraging one-“How to be employable in 10 years”.  Does that mean I’m not employable now, or that it will take me ten years to become employable?

What is this number thing?  Is it left over from when we were kids and if you ate two more bites of your peas, you were excused from the table?  How about “if you don’t stop by the time I count to ten….”.  Do they think numbers have powers?  Do you?  Sometimes I am sucked in by these tempting numbered things, as if maybe they know something I don’t.  However, it’s been my experience that it really takes more steps than they say, and often it’s just inane gibberish, just a rehash of someone else’s steps.

The numbers are just a trick…it’s been proven that numbering things pulls you in.  It doesn’t mean that the answers are complete or right.  Just flip through the magazine as you’re waiting to check out.  That’s about all the time it will take you to absorb the numbered things, and you won’t have to recycle the magazine.

Take your time. xo Brenda