Brenda’s closet. Day 51.

Culling.  Selective cleaning out.   Do it now as you bring out your spring things and put away the winter.  You know, the winter coat that cost a lot but has huge shoulder pads, anything that shows wear or is damaged,  the pants that you didn’t wear this year or last because you couldn’t zip them.

I have shapeless sweaters with tags still on them because they ‘re shapeless (had to be a sale item), the jacket I haven’t worn because it doesn’t go with anything (but I loved the color), or how about the neon spandex dress in xxs (flashback?).  It happens to all of us.  The good news is that as you are cleaning out the dumb stuff, you will probably find some great things you forgot about. Maybe now they are great!  Only keep the things that make you look wonderful.

We should dress like we’re looking for Mr. Right…even if we’re married to him.  It makes us take care and put a little thought and effort into how we look.  If you have a Mr. Right and he shows up, he will be proud and delighted to see you (and also reminded of why he chose you).  If you are still looking for the right guy, he’ll be more likely to notice you if you’re nicely dressed, than if you are in your sweaty yoga clothes and  that pilled sweater. You know that’s always the way…the one time you sneak out in the crummiest things you own, with your hair a mess and no makeup, there he is.  It never fails.

Don’t tempt fate. Get your act together. You are the best, Brenda

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