Brenda’s closet. Day 52.

Skinny pants. I talked about them three years ago or so.  I said then that I kind of hoped they would go away. The next year, I still thought maybe they would go away…too many women wearing them who shouldn’t.  Maybe the fashion police would step in.  They didn’t.  They’re still here and probably will always be an option. In fact, I kind of like them now.  But, there are some rules.

There are skinny pants and then there are really skinny pants.  The kind that let you see everything….I’m talking pantylines, ripples, dimples, cellulite and more.  So not attractive, ever.  Most young women who are fit and slender can carry them off and they look new and fresh.  I think they tend to make some women look like their legs come down to a little tippy toe point…they look like a top…very top heavy.  This can be remedied by wearing knee high boots that balance out their shoulders and hips.  Even models recommend that you wear a top that covers your bottom….it does make the look work for all women.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t look all that good from the back in leggings or skinny pants.  Gravity is not kind. Before you go out in that cute outfit that looks great from the front, check it out from the back.  You might want to change into a tunic or longer top before you waltz out the door!

Fashion is a challenge.  You’re up to it! Work it!  xoxo, Brenda