Brenda’s closet. Day 54.

Have you noticed that there isn’t really anything new in the fashion world? I think I’ve seen some trends come around every 10 years or so.  Cut off shorts have been a staple for decades (so are the long haired, long limbed girls who wear them).  Here they are again, but you buy them already cut off, instead of doing it yourself.  Denim jackets, more precious as they wear.  Remember sunbathing slathered in baby oil?

I think our kids think that all these fashion trends are new and bold, but we’ve seen most of them before.  How many times can you come up with something totally new…after all it’s still clothing.  Have you seen the bold checkered dresses and coats from Vuitton?  Other than the fact that they cost thousands of dollars, we saw the style in the 60’s on Twiggy…along with the a-line dresses and skirts, the minis, the big round sunglasses, and boots!  My mother had Coach bags…we all wore minis!

The magazines are full of bright colored jeans and dresses, neon belts and tops, sneakers, cork wedges, plastic jewelry, pale pink lipstick, ripped jeans, just jeans in general, exaggerated eye makeup,  and big fat eyelashes!  It’s good to see that some things never change.  Fashion and styles remain a bond for all of us women, at every age.  It makes me happy to see it all come around again!

Get a pair of bright jeans…perfect for spring! I’m going to!  Enjoy! Brenda

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