Brenda’s closet. Day 55.

I saw an outfit styled for Lucky magazine the other day. The young woman was wearing a bustier, gathered cotton skirt, some slingbacks, a few dainty necklaces, and a couple of rings.  She was in her mid twenties.  It looked like something you would wear to work if you worked in a trendy clothing store.

The total value of the ensemble was a staggering $16,000.000!!!!!!! The skirt, shoes and blouse cost $1500.00.  The rest was for the jewelry.  I think that the blouse, shoes and skirt were horribly over priced for what they were,  but the addition of such expensive jewelry bothered me.  This is a magazine aimed at young women, just starting out—-what is the message here?  It’s hard enough for our young people to find jobs,  pay rent and pay off their college debt without someone suggesting that this could or should be on their must- have list.

I started scanning more of the prices on the suggested clothing and it all seems to be so far out of reach..out of touch with reality.  I know how hard it is for young people today as I employ a few. They all work very hard and yet they struggle.  It seems to me that the manufacturers and designers have lost sight of their market.  The choice is disposable clothing like Forever 21, or flats from  J.Crew for  $250.00!  Alice and Olivia has a summer shirt   priced at $485.00…it’s cotton.  J Crew has an appliqued top for $230.00–it’s just a top. Jeans run from $100.00 to $215.00 and up. Our young people deserve better.  Maybe it’s time we started to speak up.  Maybe it’s time  to close our wallets and open our mouths…

Take a stand. Things are out of hand. Brenda