Brenda’s closet. Day 56.

Time for transitional dressing! Yippee! A week of temps in the 40’s and a little sun—a touch of spring fever!  I know we’ve got March yet, but I’m going to play with my clothes anyway.  I like to be prepared.  There is nothing worse than being too hot at work…besides, it makes my hair flat.

After a little searching, I did find a few things that will work now.  Dig out a couple of your more springy cardigans–the lighter weight ones with some feminine details or embellishment so you don’t melt when it hits 45 degrees.  Find your shorter boots, or ankle boots, the ones without a wintery feel.  Wear lighter weight scarves and your necklaces and earrings with some color.

This is the time for transitional dressing.  Always be prepared—it can be cold in the morning but toasty in the afternoon.  Start thinking in layers–lighter layers.  Two light weight sweaters or tops instead of one heavy cashmere sweater.  This is a great time to think about ponchos and shawls–they aren’t as hot as a jacket, and they give you freedom of movement.  They can also make you look like an ad for Ralph Lauren Black Label…just so together!  Try scarves in pastels.  We just got some beauties in, so pretty!

Enjoy the warm sun on your face, and start watching for those little green tips of crocuses. Spring will come.

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