Brenda’s closet. Day 57.

Glasses.  Remember when it was nerdy to wear glasses?  It made you feel like your grandma and the kids at school made fun of you. Girls who wore glasses didn’t get dates.  “Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

But if you couldn’t see, you wore them.  Then came hard contacts—ow,ow,ow.  My eyes were always so red, all through high school and college, but I wasn’t going to wear those dorky glasses!  Then, it got cool for a while.  Remember “granny” glasses?  So” in”—went great with hippy clothes and long hair.  (Yes, I remember…I was in San Francisco in the late 60’s and Bob was at Woodstock…shhhh.)

Eventually, we found soft contacts and extended wear ones. Great!  If you have good eyes, you can’t imagine how annoying and difficult it is to find a solution to not being able to see things clearly. It’s a big deal.  Now it seems that glasses are not only acceptable, they are fashionable! Finally!  I  have two pair. One with black frames that I love.  They are a fashion statement and I can see.  My home pair are rimless—lighter in weight.  I am so grateful to Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, and Sophia Loren for making glasses okay.

I can count the leaves on the trees! Awesome!  xoxox, Bren