Brenda’s closet. Day 59.

I think women have a special gift.  It’s the ability to make friends easily, to bond with each other in the blink of an eye, and to value and treasure each other.  I’ve met women who still have lunch with a friend from fourth grade, or vacation with roommates from college.  What a wonderful thing!  The best part is that they know that it’s wonderful.

I’ve seen total strangers bond in my store with a conversation about a sweater or a piece of jewelry!  It’s so amazing to see.  What is it about us that let’s us connect so easily?  I don’t think it’s that we’re hungry for friends—I just think our hearts are more open to making a connection.  We have so much in common—not where we live, or our jobs.  It’s some huge, secret special thing that binds us together…the ability to relate so easily and quickly to another woman’s pain or sorrow or joy.

I’ve seen a store full of women start to laugh and giggle, as a group, over something one of them said loud enough for all to hear.  All sharing and knowing that everyone there get’s it.  They are all in this moment.  It’s like a little miracle!  We are so lucky!

Let’s try to remember this bond, to be open to it.  Be true.  Be kind.  Treasure your friends.  Let them know.

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