Brenda’s closet. Day 62.

Bullying.  We had an unpleasant incident at our store the other day.  A woman was unhappy about how our policies work, even though she was an established consignor and knew how things are done.  Sometimes it seems people just want what THEY want, regardless of the rules. Entitled is the word. (It seems to be more and more common.)

She felt that the louder she talked, and the more abusive she became, the more likely my staff would give her what she wanted–even though she knew it was not possible nor fair.  She was so loud that my staff in the adjacent store and a couple of customers came in to see if my girls needed help!  The woman finally left, but not until she had bullied and berated all three of the girls trying to help her. Her aim seemed to be to really hurt them.

Why do we see women behave so badly?  This is not the first woman to do this, and sadly, probably not the last.  Bullying and creating a scene is bad behavior.  Why is  it okay to turn into a thug?  I don’t know, but I do know that I will not tolerate anyone mistreating my staff. We closed the woman’s account.

It’s time for all of us to stop looking the other way.  Bullying is not acceptable–ever.  That I see women doing it to other women is so disheartening.  That people do this to my staff is awful.  I am angry and disappointed.

Don’t let people get away with cruel or hurtful behavior and words.  Step in, speak up.

It is never okay. Brenda