Brenda’s closet. Day 63.

Haircut.  Scary–right up there with trying on swimming suits.  I have not had a real haircut for years, as I have mentioned before, due to bad haircuts…or bad haircutters.  I have struggled with difficult hair for a long time–it might work for a day or a few hours but never consistently.  So I have had long hair that I rarely wore down—it worked better in a messy up-do.  Pretend that you’re going for that just crawled out of bed look… somehow I thought that it was camouflage for sagging jowls and neck wrinkles.

I finally decided that the extra hair was pointless as I always pinned it up.  It took longer to wash and dry.  It was not that flattering on me.  BUT, there was always that little voice in the back of my head telling me that the pretty girls always had long straight hair.  The kind of hair that fell in shining sheets when they tipped their heads…or fell in beautiful long smooth waves.  This is still the standard today.

So, I trimmed about six inches off to see if I could handle less hair.  Still not the desired result, so I went to Franco and asked him to give it some shape.  He did—it was great, and I loved it.  Geometric, short in back, slanting to longer in front, just below my jaw.  Just what I wanted. He’s great.  So I’m struggling to learn how to do this “do” when it dawns on me that you need smooth hair to get a smooth end result.  This is not my hair—every one goes in a different direction! Hmmm.  As I am pondering this problem, I saw a group of women on TV somewhere, and came to a huge realization.  Almost every woman in the audience over fifty had the same haircut—the one I have.  Now this is a little troublesome for me. Once again the cookie cutter syndrome.  Now, some women look awesome in this style—I do not.  I wish. Reality set in and I made the decision to have my hair cut short!

I went to see the magic Franco, showed him a picture of what I thought might work for me, and waited to see his reaction….He had the scissors in his hand in a flash, and smiling and dancing around in the shower of my snipped hair, he gave me the hairdo of my dreams!!!  Fabulous!  I love it…I am a new woman.  I think all that long hair was bogging me down.

Change is good.  Try something new. Love, Brenda