Brenda’s closet. Day 64.

Where to find tunics. I talk about tunics a lot.  I believe they solve a lot of our common problems with the current styles.  Skinny pants are here to stay.  They are a flattering look for almost everyone when put together right.  The biggest item you need to make skinny pants work is–you guessed it–a tunic.  Hard to find unless you know where to look.

Here are a couple of places I go to. is a very nice catalogue with lots of sweaters, dresses and knits.  I found a great long cotton tank here.  The “Long Pima Tank” costs $39.00 and comes in many colors. It’s a nice weight, not too sheer, even the white, and it comes to mid- thigh.  This is the best length for a tunic.  It elongates the body and covers the butt, necessary to pulling of this look with style.  I bought a few and have been very happy with them.  The price is good too.

Another good option is  Her prices are high, but you are getting good quality, and they stand by their product. One to try is the “Jersey-scoop neck long tunic”. I have a couple of these too.  The fabric is finer than the cotton, so it’s a little dressier.  They cost $148.00, but they wear well.  I bought mine 4 years ago, and still wear them.  She also makes a “Linen jersey scoop neck long tunic” for $108.00.  Great for summer!Another option requires more patience, but is worth the effort.  I look for simple dresses and shorten them!  You can always find dresses–check out our stores and the outlets.

The nice thing about tunics is that there are no rules!  You can create many different looks with just a couple of tunics and different pieces over or under them.  Remember, they look great with a shorter jacket or sweater.  You can dress them up or down.  Your footwear can change the look dramatically—big difference between a tall boot, a strappy heel, or a flat–but they all work.  Remember you want balance—so if you’re doing a chunky tunic, you’ll need a boot .  A soft flowing tunic works best with the heel or flat….

I hope this will help.  xoxo, Brenda

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